I am Lixiao Zhu

a trailblazing researcher, boundary-pushing innovator, and skilled engineer.


I am a passionate researcher with a focus on human-robot interaction (HRI) and its implications for society. My strong background in programming and interest in new technology have led me to explore the cutting edge of robotics research and development. In addition to my research, I am also an avid gamer and enjoy all types of games in my free time. I also enjoy building PCs and have a wealth of DIY information that I am always happy to share with others. Through my work and hobbies, I am dedicated to discovering new ways for humans and robots to interact in a meaningful and productive way. Overall, I am eager to connect with others who share my interests and passions, and I look forward to exploring new ideas and opportunities together. 

Pushing the Boundaries of Human-Robot Interaction


Get in touch at lixiao.zhu[at]